Good day Poltergeist community! A couple days ago we posted a bounty for a video-walkthrough on how to bridge our token GHOUL from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain.

We received a great submission from the user — VLDS — a known member in our community. He was awarded with the previously announced reward and the video is now posted on our Youtube channel, we are looking to continue posting videos in this channel to show how to use our features.

As the title says watch How to bridge Ghoul tokens from ETH to BSC in the link below.

Hey! Most of you that are familiar with the way I work, know I like to share the behind the scenes things before they are fully ready and really keep the community involved.

I know this info is very introductory, remember this is not a release or anything like that…

I wrote the GHOST vision statement about 11 months ago, and almost nothing has changed about the vision that was set forth then.

We have had some bumps in the road so far in this journey, but if you know anything about GHOSTS history, you know how resilient and dedicated…

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