Hello Poltergeist community, we hope you enjoyed the holidays! It’s time to start thinking about the new year and the things we can achieve if we work together.

We would like start involving the community more into what we are doing, We can’t grow as effectively without you all actively…

🚨 Incoming Airdrop #1:
To be eligible for this airdrop you need to -

Hold Ghoul (on ETH or BSC) or Solo stake Ghoul (BSC)

Minimum of 50000 $Ghoul

OR -

Stake Ghoul LP pair (BSC) or Stake GhoulX LP pair (BSC)

Containing a minimum of 20000 $Ghoul or $GhoulX


Eligible holder will recieve an utility NFT airdrop of:

“Ghoul — Poltergeist Labs #1”…

Good day Poltergeist community! A couple days ago we posted a bounty for a video-walkthrough on how to bridge our token GHOUL from Ethereum to the Binance Smart Chain.

We received a great submission from the user — VLDS — a known member in our community. He was awarded with…

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