GHOUL Staking and Farming is now live!

Good news from the Poltergeist Labs team! GHOUL Staking and Farming is finally live 👏

Head to Https:// — Stake your GHOUL or liquidity pool tokens and start earning GHOULX rewards. Extremely simple! Put your GHOUL to use and earn GHOULX.

What’s GHOULX?

GHOULX is the governance token of the GhoulDAO Protocol. It allows those who hold it to vote on changes to the Protocol and its gDAI stablecoin.

Learn more at —

GHOULX Distribution.


  • Hard Cap Supply: 100,000,000 $GhoulX
  • Emission period: 48 Months
  • Emissions for Community Distribution: 90%
  • Emissions to Treasury/Team Fund: 10%
  • Estimated date to reach hard cap is November 2025

Learn more at —


Rewards split for Year 1 for the added pools :
Ghoul — 1.1m ghoulx
Ghoul / bnb — 2m ghoulx
Ghoulx / bnb — 2m ghoulx
Ghoulx / dai — 1.8m ghoulx

The rest of the Ghoulx rewards for Year 1 will be split up into future pools that we add.

— — — —

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Next-generation cryptocurrency exchange focused on privacy

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Poltergeist Labs

Poltergeist Labs

Next-generation cryptocurrency exchange focused on privacy

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