Launchbox is coming!

Hey! Most of you that are familiar with the way I work, know I like to share the behind the scenes things before they are fully ready and really keep the community involved.

I know this info is very introductory, remember this is not a release or anything like that, us just sharing with you the work we have been doing.

Launchboxes will be available with just a couple clicks!

Steps (gas efficient route if receiving on ETH network):
Eth goes into ETH address.
Eth is sent to binance bridge into BSC.
ETH is swapped via PCS for USDT.
USDT is bridged to Tron via binance bridge.
USDT is supplied as liquidity on Justlend.
Borrow 80–90% of deposited liquidity.
Bridge new USDT over to BSC.
Swap USDT via PCS to X/X tokens based on a farm on Alpaca or Alpha Homora chosen at that moment.
Deposit X/X at 2x leveraged farm on Alpaca/Alpha.

Split yields into YY foundation tokens and some as USDT to bridge back to Justlend to pay off USDT borrowed.
Use foundation token hodl to stake and earn rewards.
Swap foundation staking rewards for USDT.
Modulate, Repeat.

Use USDT to buy $GHOUL off the market.

Harvest every 7 days
USDT repayments for JustLend transfers start after first 28 days then bi monthly after that.


Some more internal info that I will go ahead and release on this. Rememer we are still in the conceptual, and initial building phase, and are still trying to figure out what the full potential of these exciting features can be

Remember, we are always looking for people to join in with their ideas, their work, marketing or whatever they can bring to the GHOUL ecosystem.


Future considerations:
Once this proves successful, we get this stabilised to an “acceptable A/QPR for the product details”, then fully automated and “packaged” in the dapp as a launchbox. New strategies, usecases — new launchboxes. Can be used to fund other internal projects, can sell as NFT custom product art — I’m thinking of a futuristic looking microchip to start. We can have limited edition NFTs with higher pricing (eg an in memory of butterfly labs chip — an historical artifact in crypto history), different market genre art (eg. a set of groceries, edu/college fund for a launchbox for families**).. One buys the NFT->buys a launchbox.
Determine suitable fee when one “buys” a launchbox. Fixed or 1.5–3%? Fees go to $ghoul buybacks.
Find more efficient routes, alternative routes for real world use cases, new launchboxes.
Binance Bridge does not require signup..but would this product require multiple binance accounts with api access when it comes to scaling up routing? Then other bridges? TBD — trade and swap liquidity for this should be ideally also be passing through Polter. Will require trx listing+shielded transfers only on Polter to create the private highways.

I see polter as the trader’s layer
I see Anonswap being for quick priviswap (should it be called that instead?) ui/ux..and this could be where polter attracts the deep liquidity required to make the exchange/dex more active. If we were to fork uni or pcs, keep on bsc+port to tron and launch there with shielded txns and figure out how to best enable real world output routes.

For ghostdai resilience, should there be a shielded token equiv of it on Tron?

The next frontier in privacy expansion is crosschain bridge privacy. Gradients of privacy+chainchoice, thus segmented gradients of prifi dapp services available there. Would be cool if someone figured out how to get a passport from any chosen country and a dapp/bot handles everything. Lol. which privacy chain gradient would something like this be on?

Would be cool if there was some way to connect into tornado cash or cyclone’s liquidity.

** can spin off into a dapp for family “home office” prifi type services.
Future launchboxes with 3d printed real world art/parts counterparts.. Or even real estate, communities etc
Imagine dapps for private property rental management around the world and people can stake their “condo” launchbox to a provider who manages semi automated etc and they earn the yields to their wallet

Aside from online strategies, consider how can this be sold in the real world as an OTC product for cash by trusted private individuals. Getting people earning cryptos without the technical complexity barriers.

Understand the energy reflection of chain efficiency in relation to its user adoption..
Eth — used more by those influenced by western mindset, higher cost of living reflects higher gas
Trx — used more by those influenced by eastern mindset, lower cost of living and different mindset about efficiency reflects lower gas, faster ux mechanics, more efficient chains.
BSC — has an eastern+western reflection

Website with a future is now fictional narrative vibe. Users can stake/deploy a “cyberspace asteroid miner” launchbox to that website which uses the first launchbox to build a probe launchboxes..
Plant a tree launchbox.. Buy a box then a tree gets planted in real world on every yield harvest.
Launchbox for hackathons.
Launchbox that buys back $ghoul from the market.
Memes — launchbox, whaaats in the boxxxx
Logo with 3 cicles outside the box refers to the core bot components (1 end user input + 1 end user output)+ 1 bidirectional connector interface. For future launchbox stacking.

Next-generation cryptocurrency exchange focused on privacy

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Poltergeist Labs

Next-generation cryptocurrency exchange focused on privacy

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