Poltergeist Labs

Feb 27, 2021

2 min read

Poltergeist Exchange Partners With GHOST By McAfee To Release A Private Stable Coin and Privacy Exchange On The Ghost By McAfee Blockchain!

We are please to announce that we have partnered with John McAfee and Ghost by McAfee to release Poltergeist Exchange as the 1st private dapp launched as a side chain on the GHOST blockchain, packed with a true private stable coin!

We have teamed up with the GHOST team to introduce side chains on the GHOST blockchain that will open up a variety of interaction possibilities. GHOUL main net later this year will be a side chain built along side GHOST to allow Poltergeist Exchange users to flawless execute cross chain transactions while fully retaining their privacy and funds at all times.

GHOUL trading is now live on Poltergeist and UniSwap!


Please join the GHOST and Poltergeist Telegram groups to stay up to date on all the latest information!


What’s up everyone! For those that do not know, my name is Josh and I am the original founder of GHOST along with John McAfee.

When I was setting the vision for GHOST, I didn’t just see a privacy coin, but an ecosystem of products and services that really encompassed the ideas and values that I think are really important about being able to do business and send value privately. GHOST has went through a lot in the past 6 months, and for those that have been following, I think you have seen how resilient and passionate the community is. Nothing can stop us from bringing these ideas to the world. And a lot of those ideas are closer than you may think.

Poltergeist Exchange has teamed up with GHOST By McAfee to release a private stable coin and privacy exchange on the GHOST blockchain, with John and Janice McAfees full support. Marketing will begin soon!

Poltergeist Exchange will be released later this year as the 1st private dapp launched as a side chain on the GHOST blockchain, which will come packed with a true private stable coin!

This is just the beginning! Private farming, private leverage, and more are all coming to the GHOUL side chain on the GHOST by McAfee blockchain!

More exciting details coming soon!