Poltergeist Team — Ask Us Anything RECAP (07/30/21)

Here’s a high level infographic for mainnet alpha

Pre-Selected Questions

1) What’s the first feature on the roadmap that we will see for GHOUL?

Anonswap is an evolution through simplification, of Poltergeist exchange. It will be the first Alpha version product from the ecosystem roadmap.

2) Do you have more information on LaunchBox? Any estimate when we could use it?

LaunchBOX is a product that would be targeted towards online retailers, dropshippers, product-preneurs initially. The vision is to use LaunchBOX as a means to enable simple yield generation for those that purchase real world products without having to understand the complexities of cryptos.

While we’re unable to provide a fixed timeline for this atm, we do have a high level estimate by Q4 2021. For now there is ongoing r&d and private testing to ensure that we can enable and guarantee semi-fixed yields in a low risk and simple manner.

3) Will poltergeist Exchange do more events on gambling like the Whackd game?

Yes, however, games will be covered in the Midas project, further ahead on the roadmap.

4) Is the mainnet still on route for the August launch, can you hint anything else for that?

We’re aiming to launch mainnet alpha by the end of August and mainnet Beta in Q4 2021.

5) NFTs are blowing up can we expect to do something with this?

Some of our upcoming products will leverage NFTs for authentication and other utilities.

6) Poltergeist/GHOUL have a lot of moving parts. Can you sum up the ecosystem with 1 paragraph?

Yes lots of moving parts lol. In short, the ecosystem we’re building is to support smart contract txn functionality via Web3 for privacy coins with ghostdai as a stable coin, while still maintaining privacy on the public chain. To that end, we’re building projects to demonstrate the use cases of this.

Ghoul ecosystem is the modular infrastructure needed to create eAntarctica. eAntarctica is an experimental digital nation that amalgamates features of both privacy and public chains into an online economy that enables real world utility/use cases and benefits to its ‘citizens’. More disclosures about Antarctica will come soon.

7) Can you explain the synergy with GHOST and GHOUL?

The co-founder of GHOST founded GHOUL. GHOST will be the starting privacy coin that the GHOUL team will work with to create proof of concept dapps that can mutually benefit both projects and beyond.

8) How long will the current Poltergeist Exchange product stay up? Daemon

We’re sunsetting Poltergeist Exchange and have halted trading. You can continue to withdraw for free until the end of August. Anonswap is the next evolution of Poltergeist Exchange…

9) I might be a degenerate, but i do not seem to understand what the Nano, Prime and Alpha stuff does on launchbox. Would it be possible to get a better explanation to see where the value is generated through the use of the service?

The goal of LaunchBOX is to provide a means for anyone buying specific products online with cryptos, to earn yields from their purchases. So, basically we’re converting real world products into yield generating assets. We’re starting with 3 types (nano, prime, alpha) to cover different price segments and to enable future product expansions.

The yields generated would be from aggregating various Defi products and strategies.

For instance,

Bruce sells gaming consoles online. He buys a Launchbox Prime to use with his products.

Alice buys a Playstation 5 from Bruce’s store that is Launchbox enabled, Alice then gets her PS5 + 1% APR crypto-back on her purchased price.

10) With cryptocurrency beginning to provide competition to the US Dollar, one of the greatest fears in the community is a government coordinated banning of crypto — making them illegal to hold and transact in. Is Poltergeist Exchange prepared to weather what will be an unprecedented assault on free markets (particularly crypto) by desperate, bankrupt governments, and what specific steps is the team taking to give Poltergeist Exchange the best chance possible to emerge intact and functioning after this battle between the extremely wealthy and the rest of us over?

The best way I can answer this.. If we look at this as a battle then that’s the reality we’ll perceive and the “obstacles” that’ll be met. .. However when we simply look and operate outside and beyond that battle narrative, the reality and subsequent possibilities as a result are as vast as space.

11) Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold Ghoul token long term?

While it’s possible to earn income within the ecosystem, we ask to not view Ghoul from an investor’s angle. We are building solutions that would solve many of our own challenges and we’re doing this in an unconventional way that would enable multigenerational utility.

If you observe TG over a period of time, see the value within what we’re doing and it aligns/resonates then it would make sense to hold and use Ghoul long term. I personally did the same before coming onboard.

12) What plans do you have to help drive demand and scarcity for the token?

The projects we are building uses ghoul as the stakeable governance token. Over time this is going to reduce the supply of tokens on the open market as they are put to use. This in addition to the buyback+stake/lock mechanisms that will vary by products within the ecosystem.

13) What is the benefit of buying Launchbox.finance with Ghoul?

Over time, launchbox will offer a series of investment products using NFTs. There will be a discount when purchasing with Ghoul or ghostdai.

14) Do we need to swap from Ghoul ERC to Ghoul Mainnet on August 2021?

No need. Ghoul remains ERC20.

15) Will Ghoul replace Bitcoin?

That’s an interesting question… however, nope.. different use cases / utility / context. One could wish for that type of price valuation though lol.

16) What is the main usecase for $Ghoul and what else will it be used for?

Ghoul is the governance and profit sharing token for many projects in the ecosystem. It will be used to mint ghostdai, stake in prifi farms, enable exclusive opportunities and discounts on products/services.

20) Is $GHOUL designed to rise and fall with the success of the poltergeist DEX platform?

Ghoul utility is being built to operate somewhat independently of the happenings of the DEX.

21) Finnally you guys have been talking about integrating privacy features such as adding zero — knowledge proofs. How will this be developed in this aspect?

Currently under R&D.

22) Do you think it will be possible to handle a decentralized over centralized exchange successfully considering the challenges that comes with both exchanges? What features do you think would make the poltergeist exchange stands out from other competitors??

Poltergeist Exchange was just an initial proof of concept but don’t think of this project as an exchange. We are working on a world class privacy ecosystem encompassing a variety of privacy projects, features, stable coins, and a whole lot more. Anon swap and future PRIFI based products will be a core part of the ecosystem, but the vision is much much bigger than that.

23) When are you going to reintegrate the switch project Josh?

That’s something we’re exploring only at the conceptual level for now. Some of its features may evolve within the ecosystem and we are looking at ways to compensate ESH/CLICK holders and bring them into our ecosystem.

24) Will there be a poltergeist wallet and app available soon?

No plans at this time.

25) Will there be coin staking on Poltergeist? Specifically Ghoul or Whackd?

For now, staking will just be available for GHOUL.

26) Will there be any extra ways to earn crypto on Poltergeist?

We will support yield farm and staking projects for this soon.

27) Can you tell us anything about the $WHACKD dev team?

Whacked has had a grass roots independent group of supporters that will be taking over all aspects related to that project separate from GHOUL.

28) With the recent restrictions applied to the likes of Binance in the UK and Europe how do you plan on appealing to customers affected by this?

For now we may not appeal to many of these customers as our focus is on privacy coins and not the same token trading experience of a CEX.

We’re building things as earth citizens and not within the framework of a registered company in any existing “official nation” so there are no regulatory restrictions to using our platform because of where one was born.

29) Do you guys can help me buy a house?

Maybe by being part of the community we can all help each other buy houses, tokenise them for use across the ecosystem as “safuhouses” or “citadels” should ghoul really scale up as envisioned. Something like this is on the roadmap.

30) What are some of the ways in which the ghoul/poltergeist ecosystem will be set apart, or different from other existing privacy centric crypto projects?

Please refer to the darkpaper and roadmap. Also, Antarctica :)

31) And assuming these other private crypto’s that are on the current poltergeist exchange are going to be implemented on the dex; what are some of the plans and avenues that will be taken to promote the dex and reach the user base of these other privacy driven crypto’s to get them onboard and engaged with the poltergeist ecosystem?

We’ll start with creating a product where our value, utility wise, can be recognised. This makes bringing other privacy driven projects onboard smoother through global grassroot communications.

32) How is GhostDAI going to keep its peg?

GhostDAI will be minted based on the value of privacy coins a user adds as collateral to our platform. A price oracle will be used to ensure ghostdai keeps ~1:1 peg with Dai.


33) Quick question, once the Binance Smart Chain bridge has been implemented, will the gas fees for ERC20 tokens transactions, like GHOUL, be in ETH or BNB and will it be cheaper?

On BSC transactions on that chain will be using BNB as that’s the fee token of that network chain..in that context fees would be cheaper on that chain, our focus is ETH chain so things we build will appear there first..then overtime as capacity and user demand builds we’ll port our dapps to BSC

34) When launching a new version of Poltergeist, old users will need to create a new account? The current mail and 2fa binding from today’s version will not become valid in the new poltergeist?

The new version will have nothing to do with the old version.

35) As you are fully focused on being privacy based, what plans do you have in place to tackle the issue of regulation when it starts looming on platforms offering DeFi services like Anonswap?

They can regulate defi services in a way like taxes or trying to ban by enacting penalties, but they can’t alter protocols.

Uniswap for example has removed some tokens from their default token list, but they can’t make a token not tradable.

Ultimately it will be up to each user around the world to decide what their appetite for risk is according to their local laws regarding these matters.

36) Are you considering Fiat — Ghost / Ghoul bridge? Once when someone want to transfer them back if need to. And regarding to eAntarctica — we as citizens of a nation could get another citizenship of said eAntarctica and bypass those worthless regulations / taxes on crypto? :)

Fiat bridges would come at a later stage, this needs to be done in a decentralised way to maintain autonomy from regulatory issues when fiat is involved.

There are platforms like Transak that could enable this..and its one of the somethings we are looking at.

37) Are there any restrictions on who can submit a proposal or it will be open to everyone who holds Ghoul?

Anyone can submit a proposal ..ghoul holders can vote on it..we will be setting up an online medium to do this in the near future

38) Once the new exchange is up and running, should users hold their tokens on the EX or a wallet?

Will be a combination of both as the there are varied utilties planned.. eg. staking ghoul on prifi projects, having ghoul in wallet to see special deals on prifi websites to name a few

39) Will we have better phone optimalized poltergeist website?

Yea we will focus on a mobile friendly experience

40) What will the exchange be like what type of features will it have, will it just be a AMM like pancakeswap but on the ghoul blockchain? Will it have lending and borrowing etc…

We don’t want to promise lending and borrowing this soon.. as we’re dealing with privacy coins that arent natively EVM compatible we have to explore the best way to enable this safely for all..

41) Will ghoul be using the ghost or it’s own blockchain, in regards to this question what are some of the protocols we would see on ghoul chain within the next 5 years.

Ghoul stays on ETH and soon BSC..main development for now will be on ETH chain though..there are enough chains and tokens out there so we’re not going to take on additional load to create our own..its better for us to unify the existing privacy tokens and use Ghoul to govern/benefit from our protocols….in the next five years..hmm.. I’d like to imagine Antarctica as a virtual nation operating with the foundational dapps from within Ghoul Ecosystem serving as the underlying privacy infrastructure for all citizens.

42) How will ghoul spread to a wider audience do you have any plans on marketing/ getting influencers on board?

Yea advocating privacy coins is a tough sell as privacy can get very technical.. for things to make sense to the average person it needs to be packaged into something fun where privacy is simple understood without overthinking and provides benefits more than “just privacy”..that’s where eAntarctica comes in later..as a nomad traveller I’ve met many people who are far more intrigued by being a citizen of eAntarctica..
this would be the approach as we market at scale and can easily involve influencers this way,

43) You mentioned that we will have mainnet launching soon what can we expect in the upcoming months for a easy transfer of ghoul coin.

For mainnet alpha, you will be able to deposit eg. Ghoul or Ghost and use that as collateral to mint gDAI.. the PRIFI layer of our project will enable uses cases for this stablecoin.. how it’s going to be untraceable, is the interesting part, where we need to experiment with something I’m calling Scalar Anon Transactions..

44) When will mainnet alpha launch? Any dates?

no specific date we can say, time operates differently in crypto space..that said though we are aiming to have alpha ready by/before end of August.


Thanks for participating in our first AUA!

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