Starting 2022 — Community Involvement.


Hello Poltergeist community, we hope you enjoyed the holidays! It’s time to start thinking about the new year and the things we can achieve if we work together.

We would like start involving the community more into what we are doing, We can’t grow as effectively without you all actively being part of the journey. To start this 2022 we want to add 2 members from out Telegram community to be multisig signers for the gDai protocol.

We’d first like to nominate @Crypto_lalo “Lalo” for this role and would welcome more nominations or volunteers. Once there’s about 4 options, we’ll create a governance proposal where we all can vote using GhoulX for the chosen multisigners.

Massive step for the future of gDai and Poltergeist Labs, Thank you Community for your support and let’s have a great 2022!



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